Partnering With Clients

Mar, 6, 2013

When I talk to clients and potential clients about how I partner with them to help them with their needs, I think they think I am just using clever words. But I'm not, and I'm not clever. From the very early days of my self-employed career, I have always felt that working with clients instead of working for clients would always produce the best results, in what I like to call a partnership.

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January Creative to Participate in Fairview Business Expo March 19th

Mar, 4, 2013

We are excited to announce that January Creative will be participating in the Fairview Business Expo at Fairview Middle School in Fairview, TN on Tuesday, March 19th from 4pm to 8pm (CST)!

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January Creative Is Now A BBB Accredited Business!

Jul, 24, 2012

Very humbling indeed! During the late part of June, January Creative went through the accreditation process with the BBB and was approved for accreditation!

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The Making Part 3: What’s In A Name?

May, 16, 2012

My oh my. It was quite an adventure coming up with a name for my business. A year-plus-a-few-intense-months long. Looking back in my planning book, it looks like I came up with over 50 names that I actually wrote down. I probably came up with probably that many in my head, that never made it to paper.

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The Making Part 2: Defining a Business

Feb, 8, 2012

One would think that sitting down and defining what your business is and what it is going to do would be the easy part. And it may very well be. But it was one of the most challenging parts of this entire endeavor. What exactly do I do, and who do I do it for? What makes me different?

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The Making Part 1: Planning Makes Perfect

Feb, 1, 2012

Planning. To some, that word starts to make them sweat. For others, that word gets them excited. Me? I am the latter of the two. When I can sit down and plan out an exciting new project, it is like eating cake--I just can't get enough! But I knew this exciting new project was different, SO much different. And I couldn't wait.

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What’s With All This SOPA and PIPA Stuff?

Jan, 16, 2012

SOPA and PIPA are abbreviations for legislation going through both the House and Senate, respectfully, that would give the government broad powers to shut down websites it suspects infringing on copyright.

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Like Two Peas in an Eco-Friendly Pod

Jan, 9, 2012

When I was working on the business concept for January Creative, one thing that was hands-down a no-brainer was being eco-friendly. In the industry that January Creative is in, we have alot at our disposal to help treat our planet with more respect.

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Amber Turner Creative Is Now January Creative!

Jan, 1, 2012

After six months of planning, fifty-plus names, one-hundred-plus logos, and hundreds of hours of work, Amber Turner Creative is now January Creative!

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