Partnering With Clients

When I talk to clients and potential clients about how I partner with them to help them with their needs, I think they think I am just using clever words. But I'm not, and I'm not clever. From the very early days of my self-employed career, I have always felt that working with clients instead of working for clients would always produce the best results, in what I like to call a partnership.
Mar 6, 2013

When clients and potential clients come to me, they often do so with a problem they need solved. Some of these problems include needing a website they can edit, redesigning their site to gain more page views and lower their bounce rate, needing a new visual identity and logo developed to take their business to the next level, or simply not sure what the problem is and need an honest assessment of the situation.

Consider me a problem-solver. I will go high and far to find the best solution to a problem. I’ve had clients come to me wanting to sell products online but had no idea where to start. I helped them figure out their needs and desires and come up with the best solution(s) that worked in their best interest. I’ve also had clients come to be with broken websites, or websites they weren’t able to edit or access, and wasn’t sure how to go about getting the site to a state they want.

I enjoy the challenge. I love working with clients to find out what is wrong, what they want to change, and how to get there. Clients come to me at point A, and they want to get to point B; I consider myself the navigator. So when clients and prospective clients come to me with a problem, they are looking for someone who is on their side. They want someone who works with them, with their best interests front and center. They want someone fighting for them.

While most see me as a designer with years of design experience, I also have extensive business experience especially when it comes to marketing. So when you hire me to work on a new logo for your business, I can not only help you with the design and making sure it is a good fit for your business, I can also help you understand different marketing benefits and situations where your new logo is concerned. For instance, if you are looking for a new logo for your restaurant, I can not only help create a design that meets how you want to present your restaurant, but I can also help you in terms of how your potential customers perceive your logo and how you can work with other things in your business to help your marketing message.

If you are looking for a partner to help you navigate some design problems of your own, I can most certainly be the person on your side helping you every step of the way.

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