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| by Amber Leigh Turner | announcement, january creative
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Next week, I'm launching "The Client Guide to Great Design," a guide to help design clients and non-designers use design in their everyday lives.

Earlier this week, I joined Gumroad’s “Small Product Lab” which gives creators the motivation and support to come up with, develop, market, and launch a small product in 10 days.

Ten days doesn’t seem like a lot of time to put together much of a product AND market it, but I’m up for the challenge.

About 10 days ago, I came up with a great name for something that I knew I could turn into something great (funny story, I was actually trying to come up with a name for something else I’m working on that’s completely unrelated when I came up with this). It had a great ring to it, and it opened doors to a huge potential to help out my clients and future clients.

I love spending time educating clients about design.

You see, when I work with clients like you and potential clients, I take time to educate you and help you understand the importance of design and how to make great design decisions. Each client is different, but I often find myself sharing the same advice to all of them, no matter how big or how small they may be.

One client may be struggling with embracing simplicity and constraint, while another client may not know much about a visual identity and how powerful it can be to their small business. Over the last eight years, I’ve helped numerous clients like you understand design.

I believe that the power to make the best decisions for your business relies in education and having trusted partners.

Education and understanding can go along way in your business. It’s often said that small business owners know a little about a lot of things, and that’s so very true. We wear the hats to so many roles that we have to learn a little bit about each to keep our business going and growing.

Educating my clients is so important to me that I recently redesigned my website (and changed course half way through) to focus on providing educational and informative content and advice to my clients, future clients, and those who work with design. I don’t want design to be this mystical, untouchable idea and have people struggle with it, especially when it can be the most powerful asset in a business.

I came up with “The Client Guide to Great Design” to help lower the veil of mystery when it comes to design.

I want my clients to understand the basic concepts of design, what a visual identity is and how to use a style guide, and how design is a very important asset to any growing business.

The guide will be written for design clients and non-designers, all of who typically have to manage design or make design decisions in their every day life, but don’t consider themselves designers. It’s for those who manage marketing and brands of businesses, for those who hire and work with designers regularly, and for those who are just understanding design in their business for the first time.

I’ve already started writing the guide, and can’t wait to put it in your hands.

While I’m busy over here writing the guide just for you, I invite you to read more about “The Client Guide to Great Design,” which will launch on Thursday, August 6th at 9am EDT (or 8am Nashville time). I’m offering preorder discounts to those who sign up early, so don’t to sign up at the bottom of the page.

I’m excited about “The Client Guide to Great Design” and I hope you join me in the initial launch of this guide, the first for January Creative!

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