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Katie's Custom Fit

Brand Identity + Logo Design

Katie was in the beginning stages of starting and opening her own pilates and fitness studio, but needed a logo. Her web developer recommended me to help her with her new brand identity and logo design for her new studio, named Katie's Custom Fit.

Project Details

Sophisticated, classic, modern

When initially discussing with Katie about her new pilates studio and how she imagined her studio to be, she mentioned how she wanted it to feel sophisticated, classic, but modern. With those adjectives, we decided those would be the brand drivers to help drive the decision making and design aesthetic for her new brand identity.

She also detailed how she wanted to use the color teal for her brand identity, so I got to work on two different logo compositions that encompassed her brand drivers and her teal color scheme.

After much deliberation, Katie was excited about the first logo composition and was ready to start using it throughout her new business, including on shirts, signage, and her website.

Keeping flexibility in her logo

With the different ways that Katie wanted to use her logo, it was important that I make her logo flexible in terms of how her logo could be used.

For Katie, I designed the logo so that she could use her logo mark (left) and the logo type (right) separately while staying consistent with her brand identity.

This allows her various ways in which she can use her new logo: the full logo, the logo type, or the logo mark. Each of these variations also allow for her to change the colors if she needs to as well, to brand colors specified in her brand identity style guide.

Defining the right color scheme to keep everything consistent

With any brand identity, it's important to keep your colors consistent throughout every piece of marketing material you create. This is even more important for colors such as teal, as there are a wide range of different teal colors that could be used.

In order to keep everything consistent for Katie and create a reference for her, I created her brand identity style guide to help give her guidelines and information about different parts of her brand identity, including her colors and typography.

On this page of her brand identity style guide, I outlined the specific colors of her brand identity, including detailing the specific color codes and giving her handy names she can use for each of the colors. This will allow her to keep her colors consistent moving forward.

Logos live in a variety of environments

Most logos live in a variety of different environments. Katie's will be no exception.

In her brand identity style guide, I outlined different scenarios she may be faced when using her new logo. In this part of her brand identity style guide, I showed her a few options of how she can use her new logo on color backgrounds.

After her logo was finalized and her brand identity style guide was designed specifically for her business, she was ready to open her new business with a professional brand identity that has set her up for years of success.