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LaNella Hooper-Williams

Web Design + Development

One of my long-term clients, LaNella Hooper-Williams, recently started doing personal branding and coaching. She had a new logo and design aesthetic that she started working with, but needed a professional and functional web presence. She came to me and we got started right away with her new personal branding website using her new brand identity.

I’ve worked with Amber on several websites over the past few years, including my very own personal branding site. She has solid expertise in both creative design and web development. More importantly, she is a consummate professional who I find easy to work with and a creative problem solver who goes above and beyond when it comes to customer satisfaction.

- LaNella Hooper Williams - President, Hooper-Williams Communications (Hillsborough Township, New Jersey)

Project Details

Keeping with her existing brand identity

LaNella came to me with her new brand identity for her personal branding services and wanted me to work with her new logo create a professionally designed website.

I took her new logo and color scheme and got to work designing a website that showcased her experience and expertise in personal branding while also making sure it was easy to navigate, not crowded, and was unique to her. Using the features of her logo such as the color gradient helped create and overall brand aesthetic throughout her entire website.

Her home page features a portrait of her front and center, along with a link to a video talking about her and her experiences. As you work your way down the home page, you start getting a glimpse into her vast experience by seeing the companies she's worked with and articles that she's written about personal branding.

Her website needed to serve several functions, but included in that is showcasing her experience and encouraging others to sign up to stay in touch. There are several points on the home page that demonstrate her experience, but this really is summed up in the testimonial slider that has great testimonials about her work.

Finally, her website allows others to sign up to get her weekly newsletter where she shares her articles and special information to her subscribers.

You can check out LaNella Hooper-Williams' new website here:

Showcasing the best of her experience

LaNella's website has various touchpoints that hit on her most important aspect: showing her expertise and experience. The different pages throughout her website support this beyond the home page.

While the bulk of her website consists of weekly articles that she writes and publishes on personal branding, those who may not be familiar with LaNella need additional information about her beyond her articles.

Her website has pages such as her about page that explains her experience, workshops and speakerships she has done, her coaching and mentoring services, and well-crafted resources that her visitors can download. All of these pages needed to be well organized and presented in a way that allowed visitors to quickly get to the information they were looking for.

LaNella's website is powered by WordPress and is developed in a way that makes it super easy for her to update on the regular basis.

Her new website now features her new brand identity and is well-designed to meet all of her needs and goals while also being easy to maintain and keep up to date.