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Legacy Hydration and Wellness Group

Brand Identity Design + Web Design

I reached out to Dustin of Legacy Hydration and Wellness Group LLC after seeing he was looking for a logo and website for his new IV hydration company. Once he got all of the legalities in place and finalizing a name, we quickly got to work on designing his new brand identity and website.

Project Details

Confidence, trust, calmness, modern

After a couple of phone calls with Dustin where I interviewed him about his new business and what he wanted his new business to look like, we were able to pinpoint some brand drivers that would help drive the brand identity design portion of his project. With being a medical-oriented company, he wanted to make sure his potential customers felt comfortable and confident in the services they were receiving.

Using his new brand drivers, I went to work on his logo design. Sticking to a blue color scheme for a variety of reasons (i.e. instills calmness and professionalism, is a common color associated with "hydration" or "liquid"), I tried out a variety of imagery to incorporate a drop of liquid (he preferred no medical imagery in his logo, so I stuck to water imagery and appearance).

When showing Dustin these initial design compositions, he explained that him and his partners were very enthusiastic about the second concept, as they felt that perfectly fit what they wanted their new company to look like and represent. Thus, we worked with the second logo to make it just right.

Versatility in logo formats are a must

Dustin expressed interest in having a logo that could be used in different formats. As part of his brand identity, I made sure he had a versatile logo that he could use fully with both his logo mark and logotype and separately should he find situations where one or the other was more appropriate.

Here, you can see he has a logo mark (left) and logo type (right) to give him flexibility in terms of how he wants to use his logo. Now he can use his logo in three different variations and still stay consistent with his brand identity.

Logos should work in every environment

Not only did Dustin want flexibility in terms of the format of his logo, it was also important to make sure he knew how to use his new logo in different environments.

In part of his brand identity style guide, I outlined examples of how he can use his new logo in different environments, including how his logo should look on colored backgrounds.

This is an example of how his two different logo variations (transparent and not transparent) should look on different color backgrounds. This gives him plenty of flexibility when it comes to using his new logo in a variety of different situations in which he may want to use his logo.

First impressions are make and break for new businesses

It was vitally important for Dustin (and myself) that his new company launched with the best possible impression possible, and that meant that his website had to be top-notch, well organized, and included all of the necessary information for new and curious clients.

I took Dustin's new brand identity and logo design and used the guidelines we created in his brand identity style guide to design his website. I wanted to make sure with his new website that we stuck to his brand drivers of confidence, trust, calmness, and modern.

Dustin wanted to make sure the website appealed to all types of customers, from young to old, to those familiar with IV hydration therapy to those who know nothing about it, to those who are comfortable with medical services and those who may be apprehensive, and everyone in between. Balancing that in an aesthetic that closely aligned with his new brand identity was a challenge, but in the end, his new website exceeded all of his expectations while meeting all of his requirements.

Website with all the important functionality and easy to update

When the design of the website was finalized, I developed his website on the WordPress platform. Throughout the process of developing his website, I wanted to make sure it was very easy for him to be able to update and maintain moving forward.

Dustin's website utilizes a few plugins that help expand functionality for him both on the front-end and back-end of his website. His website also features a Google Maps integration to pinpoint his location for his visitors, MailChimp email newsletter integration, and a very user friendly responsive site so that visitors can navigate and use his website on their mobile devices.

Overall, Dustin's new brand identity and website not only came out stunningly, it stayed consistent with his branding and brand drivers, his goals and wishes, and sets his new company up for many years of success while being able to handle growth.