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New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids

Web Design + Development

LaNella Hooper-Williams, of Hooper-Williams Communications, came to me looking for a new website for her client New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids (NJPHK). I worked with her to create a brand new web design and WordPress site that would help position NJPHK as a leader in the community to promote healthy living for kids and families.

Project Details

A website designed to provide information and better communication to a wide range of visitors.

The NJPHK website had to accomplish several things on their new website. They wanted to position themselves as a thought leader and advocate in New Jersey for promoting healthy living and active lifestyles for kids and their families.

In order to do this, they wanted to provide information for a wide audience, including the different communities they serve, grantees, state partners, media, lawmakers, and the general public.

Their primary goal for their website was to grow their email newsletter list to better communicate with leaders and the community by sending them stories and information directly to their inbox.

We made sure that the email signup section of their website was prominent and placing focus on that aspect by moving it up the page so that it would be one of the first things visitors see when they visit the site.

Their new website showcases stories that promote healthy living and the different ways their organization is helping to achieve that goal. Their home page features these stories along with their blog posts, latest videos, and social media postings.

The design of the NJPHK website matches their new brand identity, using all the colors present in their logo in a vibrant, professional, and clean manner. They wanted to strengthen their branding without it feeling childlike, since it would be adults visiting the site.

The design aesthetic throughout the site now ties in with their new brand identity in a vibrant and energetic way without getting in the way of their content.

You can check out New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kid's new website here:

Organizing content in a orderly fashion.

The NJPHK site had quite a bit of content that needed to be organized in a way that would make sense to anyone coming to the site. Given the wide range of visitors and their roles, we wanted to keep the navigation clean and easy to find the content they were looking for.

Every page is designed so that the content is the focal point and there is lots of white space for pages that are dense in content. The sidebar is designed to focus on signing people up to their newsletter and showcasing their most recent stories and blog.

Finally, we wanted to make sure the site worked well on all devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile, due to the fact that there is a wide range of people that would be accessing the site. The site is developed responsively, so no matter what device someone is using, the site loads and is displayed in a manner that prioritizes the content over everything else.

In the end, NJPHK has a well-designed site that is in keeping with their new brand identity and logo, while positioning them as New Jersey's primary leader in promoting healthy living for kids and their families.