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The Pearl Reserve

Jewelry Catalog Design + Printing

As a new jewelry company, Kimberly LeCroy, owner of The Pearl Reserve, wanted to have a catalog to showcase her jewelry pieces and to use it as a reference for her Pearl Mavens (consultants). I got to work, photographing 100+ pieces of jewelry, having an on-location photoshoot with models, designed her very first catalog, and got it ready for printing.

Project Details

Photographing and displaying jewelry in close detail and true to size

One of the biggest challenges in photographing the jewelry for this catalog is making sure we captured every little detail to each piece, and making sure they are actual size in most of the pages in the catalog.

I photographed over 100 pieces of jewelry for Kimberly, all on a white background to start, then on other types of backgrounds for other pages as we decided how we wanted each spread to look like. This is one of the spreads where making sure the detail in the jewelry really shined along with making sure we got the correct size of each piece.

I laid this spread out in a fun, organic manner, where it felt like the wrap bracelets were simply laying on a white countertop ready to be picked up and worn.

Modeling her jewelry on models

Kimberly had great models lined up to model her jewelry. I photographed different models in a variety of settings and clothing to help showcase her jewelry.

For a jewelry catalog, it's important to show how different pieces of jewelry sit on an actual person. We made sure there were a variety of model shots throughout the catalog, resulting in some beautifully modeled shots such as this one.

Designing creative layouts to showcase the jewelry

Throughout any product catalog, you'll need to have creative layouts throughout or you'll quickly bore a potential customer. In Kimberly's jewelry catalog, I made sure that each spread was uniquely designed and kept the visual interest of a prospective customer.

Keeping the jewelry at actual size created a few challenges when it came to layouts and making sure all of the pieces of jewelry that were supposed to be on a page was there. However, from challenge came creative layouts, such as this layout for her cage necklaces, laid out in a circular format around her two tassel cage necklaces.

Even the smallest pieces of jewelry couldn't be overlooked

Kimberly's products ranged in size from as large as dog collars and keychains down to as small as charms and earrings. It was important that we make sure that no matter the size, they were still show in full detail.

This page was no exception. I made sure that her charms and charm bracelets were shown in a way that makes sense to customers that they could buy individual charms, without them being lost on a page with other jewelry.

Making sure all of the details were included

Throughout the entire catalog, it was crucial that we included as much information about each piece of jewelry that we could. This included the names, SKUs, sizes, pricing, and options. You can see most of that at work on this spread, where we detailed pricing, size options, SKUs for each, even down to how many oyster openings each piece of jewelry would receive.

In the end, Kimberly's very first printed jewelry catalog came out flawlessly, showcasing her jewelry in a way she never imagined, and was a huge hit with her Pearl Mavens and customers.