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Queen City College

Web Design + Development

After losing their previous site due to malicious code and a compromised codebase, Queen City College was looking for a new website to be the face of their college and to stay compliant with state regulations for accredited colleges. I worked with them on a very tight deadline to make sure they were back up and running with not only a functional website to stay compliant, but one that functioned exactly as they wanted for their students.

We are very pleased with the work January Creative put into our website. Our new and improved website is up to date and flows nicely for those who visit. Amber is always ready to help with all of our date specific Department of Education mandatory updates and changes. It is a relief that when we contact her we know what we need will be taken care of and in the time frame needed!

- Tracy Petsch - Queen City College (Clarksville, Tennessee)

Project Details

A website that needed to accomplish quite a bit in a short amount of time

Unfortunately for Queen City College, their website issues couldn't have come at a worst time. Their website was compromised in a way in which made their existing site unrecoverable and unable to be updated.

Their only solution to move forward was to start completely from scratch and create a brand new website that was safe, secure, easy to update, and most importantly, kept them compliant.

They were needing to file paperwork to renew their accreditation in a matter of a couple of weeks and in order to do so they were required to have a website that was not only functional, but had required disclosures, statements, and information that comes with being accredited.

I immediately got to work designing their new site, using information from their old, broken website and the new information they wanted to add.

Not only that, we also had to sort through what was the most important aspects that they wanted on their site, including calls-to-action, program information, and other specific information that their students needed.

Turning a site around from nothing into a full-fledge functioning website in just a matter of weeks was a major feat, but quality and design never suffered during the process.

I designed their website based around their current logo and brand identity and made sure their website was still top-notch despite the time crunch.

Their home pages features several calls-to-action including quick links to each of their programs and specific places such as the application to apply to be a student, testimonials, specific state-required statements, and compelling marketing copy to encourage future students to apply.

You can check out Queen City College's new website here:

Keeping a variety of content organized and easy to find

Queen City College's website presented unique challenges beyond the quick turn around time we had. They had quite a bit of content that needed to be organized well and easy to find for students and the general public.

With the wide variety of content they needed to have on their site, we organized the content in a way that made sense to their primary users: current and prospective students. We wanted to make sure everything was easy to get to, not hidden, and in places that made sense from a students' point of view.

In addition, we made sure that every bit of content we added was compliant when it needed to be and followed the guidelines required by the state and their accreditation organization.

In the end, Queen City College has a well-functioning website that not only works well with their current brand identity, but keeps them compliant with the state and gives all the right information to their students at their fingertips.