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Screaming Eagle Ready Mix

Web Design + Development

After having a series of unfortunate events happen to their existing website, Screaming Eagle Ready Mix was in need for a fresh start with their web presence. Their IT company reached out to me on their behalf to help get the process started on a new website for them.

Project Details

Placing focus on their commitment to the military and showcasing their trucks

Screaming Eagle Ready Mix is well known in their hometown of Clarksville, Tennessee for two reasons: their strong support and commitment to the military and the local military base (Ft. Campbell), and their well-decorated and easily recognizable truck designs.

It was important to Screaming Eagle Ready Mix that these two things were the focus of their new website.

Not only did their website need the essentials for their business (such as a ready mix calculator, quote request, and information about their services), we needed to work in their commitment to the military while also showcasing their various trucks.

The final design of their home page accomplishes all of this and more. It describes exactly what they do front and center (which helps with search engine optimization), quick links to the main calls-to-action they needed (calculator and quote request), more detailed information about their services and what they offer, showcase of their trucks, and ending with a prominent tribute to the troops and the military.

Their web design closely follows their existing brand identity that they use throughout their company. While having two colors they use primarily throughout their branding (green and orange), we went with the green color scheme for their site, as it is easier on the eyes for text areas and is a bit more calming than their vibrant orange.

You can check out Screaming Eagle Ready Mix's new website here:

A unique request from a ready mix company

One of the most unique requests for the new Screaming Eagle Ready Mix website was for a prominent feature of their different concrete trucks. Being a graduate of Austin Peay State University, also located in Clarksville, I'm very familiar with their well-decorated trucks and the reputation they've gained because of them, so of course it made sense to feature them on their new site.

Their trucks are very special to Screaming Eagle Ready Mix and to the community as well, so we created a page that allowed them to showcase their trucks and a brief description about what each truck represents.

This is a nice touch for their website: it shows their commitment and dedication to a variety of issues that mean so much to them while also giving the general public a place where they can learn more about the trucks they see traveling around town.

It was quite an honor to help Screaming Eagle Ready Mix design and develop a website for them that not only met their business needs, but also allowed them to feature their values and commitments so prominently throughout their website.