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Logo Design + Style Guide

Custom logo design + brand guidelines to match.

Perfect for clients looking for a new or refreshed logo. I work with brand-focused clients like you to create a stunning custom logo that fits their goals, intentions, and values. I then create a brand identity style guide that outlines guidelines and best practices on how to use their new logo + brand identity. I will work with you to create a stunning and effective logo design + brand identity style guide that is memorable and sets you apart from the rest.

Your custom logo design + style guide awaits.

When clients hire me to design their new logo + style guide, I help them create their perfect logo that matches their goals, needs, and intentions, and perfectly reflects their business in every way.

With this service, clients hire me to help them create a stunning + effective logo for their business. Once we've perfected their new logo, I design a brand identity style guide that functions a playbook with guidelines on how to use their new logo in a variety of different ways and environments.

Once your new logo + style guide is complete, you'll be ready to start using your new logo anywhere you want. If you need help with that too (such as with your website or any printed material), I can help you design those items as well so that your brand identity can remain strong and consistent throughout all of your business.

What you'll receive

When you hire me to design your new logo + style guide, here's what you can expect to receive as deliverables for your project.

Logo Design + Style Guide

Some of my best logo design projects!

The project process

Every project is different, but here's a good idea about how your logo design + style guide project would progress.

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