I develop design strategies and create great visual identities that excite my clients and their customers.

Teaming up with clients to make great design the center of their business is what I do best.

From logo design, to print design, to web design and everything in between, when a client contacts me to help them with their visual identity, we often find ourselves working in all of the following areas to help improve their identity and help grow their business.

Visual Identity Design, Logo Design and Style Guide Development

Every business must have a well-designed and instantly recognizable logo, and with that logo comes a set of guidelines and recommendations on how it visually represents them.

That’s where visual identity design comes in. I will design and develop a great logo for you along with a visual identity system in the form of a style guide that sets the stage for all of your future design and marketing needs.

Print Design and Printing Services

Now that you have a great logo and a visual identity system in place, you can start putting that logo to use throughout your business with all of your needed print materials.

I will work with you to design your marketing materials such as business cards, booklets, postcards, and anything in between with your new visual identity and logo.

I even go a step further and will work with a professional printer for you to have your newly designed piece printed perfectly and delivered straight to you.

Website Design and Development

Having a great looking and functional website is often your number one marketing tool, so designing and developing a website with a professional designer and developer is an investment in your growing business.

When hired, I team up with you and your marketing team to create a website strategy based on your needs and goals, design a beautiful website that aligns with your visual identity, and develop the website so that it functions and converts your visitors into customers.

I handle everything you need with your website, from design to development to launch.

Website Hosting Services

When you have your new website ready to go, it needs a home in which it will live. I will help you secure your domain name (if you don’t have one already), provide hosting, and help you get your website up and running on my server.

Nothing is better than knowing all of your website needs, including hosting, is being taken care of by the same person who designed your site.

Best part: you no longer have to talk to a random person at some large hosting company!