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Like two peas in an eco-friendly pod

When I was working on the business concept for January Creative, one thing that was hands-down a no-brainer was being eco-friendly. In the industry that January Creative is in, we have a lot at our disposal to help treat our planet with more respect.

It seems like every day you hear of companies boasting about being eco-friendly: they reduce the amount of paper they use, they do everything electronically, they use less electricity. But how many companies can actually say that they live it?

Over the past couple of years, I have turned my focus more on recycling and reusing materials around my office, just on a small scale. I have been working on going paperless by scanning in all of my important records, reducing the number of things I printed, and keeping it all digitally on my computer. I took the time to recycle every bit of paper I could, even down to magazines and catalogs I got in the mail. It felt good to do all these things, but I felt I could do more.

While creating the business plan for January Creative, the main message I was promoting was “new beginnings” and “fresh starts,” something you see throughout this entire website. Well, being eco-friendly is a way of giving a fresh start for our planet.

Some of the many ways January Creative is going green includes some of the expected–such as reducing the amount of paper I use, recycling any paper I do use, and reducing the amount of electricity I use–and some of the unexpected–requiring my host provider to be eco-friendly, doing business with eco-friendly printers, reducing the amount of traveling to meet clients, and using a computer that uses electricity efficiently and is highly recyclable.

I barely scratched the surface in the ways that January Creative is going green. I’m always exploring new opportunities to better my business and make the environment a bit healthier. With that, I plan to post from time to time ways my clients and other businesses can easily implement their own ways of being eco-friendly, with very little time and money involved.

For instance, most businesses can easily afford a collection bin that can be used to collect paper for recycling. Depending on the size of your business, this could range from a regular-sized trash can to a large rolling trash bin. Once you set it in place, you can make it a habit to put your recycled paper in the bin. There are companies that will come and pick up your recycled paper for recycling, such as here in Nashville.

I’m excited to share with you in the future ways that January Creative is helping our planet. I will be posting ways we are being eco-friendly and ways other businesses can do the same!

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