10th International Meeting of Pediatric Endocrinology Brand Identity & Logo Design

Services Offered: Logo Design, Brand Identity Design, Website Design & Website Development

When the Pediatric Endocrine Society (PES) contacted me, they were gearing up to attend the 2013 Joint International Meeting and were looking forward to hosting and promoting the next international meeting taking place Washington, D.C. in 2017.

Several months before their 2013 meeting in Milan, they wanted to create a logo that embodied the spirit of kids, give nod to the city they were hosting in, and keep the whimsical feeling of their past international meeting logos. Being an existing client of mine, they contact me and we worked to put together a visual identity and logo design so they could use that to help promote themselves.
Whimsy, patriotic, and fun!
They were looking to have a whimsical logo to help keep in line with logos used in previous years. Since they focus on endocrinology in kids, it had to be fun and light-hearted. One concern though was not to go overboard with a whole patriotic theme or an overwhelming kids theme, as the meeting wasn’t about Washington politics and they wanted to be inviting to all nationalities to discuss pediatric endocrinology.

To the left you see the three initial logo concepts I developed for them initially. Pediatric Endocrine Society’s colors are navy and gold, so they wanted to see the concepts with that color scheme, along with a kid-oriented color scheme that adults would be fine to use as well. In the end, with a few minor revisions, the PES chose the logo on the right as the start to their brand identity.

I look forward to using the logo to promote the meeting!

Maureen Thompson | Degnon Associates on behalf of the Pediatric Endocrine Society

Fleshing out their brand identity
The final logo represents them and the meeting wonderfully, as it has undertones of Washington, D.C., kids happy and healthy, and relates well to Pediatric Endocrine Society since they share the same color scheme.

From here, I helped them flesh out how to use their brand new logo and brand identity in different ways. In the image on the right, you can see the full color logo, gray scale logo, and different combinations in which they can use for different purposes without watering down their brand identity.

Not only was the logo a very important part of their brand identity, the typeface and color scheme had to be established so that designers and non-designers alike could work with the new brand identity as they go about promoting the meeting. When the logo portion of the project was complete, they received a brand identity style guide that outlined their new logo, their colors and typefaces, how to use their logo properly, and how to use their logo in different environments and in different needs.
A website helps complete their visual brand identity design
Finally, we finished off with a website that they wanted to have when they went to their 2013 meeting to help promote to attendees the upcoming 2017 meeting. I worked with them to come up with an appealing website design using their brand new logo and brand identity design. We kept the site whimsical and fun, and highlighted kids and Washington, D.C. without either theme being too much for visitors who were coming to the site to focus on children’s health.

Once we finalized the website designed, I developed the website for them and handed it over to their internal IT department to add content and launch the site on their server. In the end, their new brand identity is working well for them and hasn’t aged at all as they continue to promote the 10th International Meeting quickly approaching in 2017.